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AAA Dependable Cesspool Sewer and Drain: Suffolk County’s Most Trusted Cesspool Service

Have you been searching the internet for “cesspool pumping near me” or “cesspool cleaning near me” and you’ve been less-than-impressed with the results that you have found? If so, then your search for a reputable Suffolk County cesspool service is over! AAA Dependable Cesspool Sewer and Drain is a full-service cesspool maintenance, cleaning, and repair company that has been serving the homeowners of Oakdale, NY for more than 15 years. We specialize in all aspects of cesspool service and provide the most comprehensive, reliable, and affordable results. From routine pumping and cleaning to camera inspections and repairs, our professional technicians will make sure that your cesspool is in tip-top condition. When you choose us for your cesspool service needs, you can have confidence knowing that your drains will always flow smoothly.

What is a Cesspool?

If you’re like the majority of Suffolk County property owners, you probably don’t really think much about flushing a toilet or running water down the drains. You just kind of expect that the dirty wastewater will disappear. But have you ever stopped to think where all of that water goes?

In Oakdale, NY most homes rely on a cesspool for their wastewater system. A cesspool is a large underground tank that’s located in your yard. All of the drains – including the toilets – in your house are connected to the cesspool. Every time you flush your toilets, take a shower or a bath, run a load of laundry, turn on the dishwasher, brush your teeth, wash the dishes, or do anything else that involves water going down some type of drain, the wastewater makes its way into the cesspool. Once there, the organic solids float up to the top of the tank (human waste, certain types of foods, and anything else that can be broken down), while inorganic materials sink to the bottom (soap scum, hair, cleaners, and any other materials that can’t be broken down). Naturally occurring organisms break down the organic matter and cleanse the water, and eventually, the clean water flows out over the side of the cesspool and into the soil that surrounds it.

The Importance of Regular Cesspool Services

Like any other component of your Oakdale, NY home, cesspools experience wear and tear and can develop problems. One of the most common issues that can arise is the accumulation of inorganic materials. As mentioned, they sink and collect on the bottom of the tank. Over time, that waste can build up, take up space, and minimize the amount of water and organic waste the tank can hold. Furthermore, some types of inorganic waste can get lodged in the walls of a cesspool and potentially cause blockages. These issues can result in sewage backups or overflows, which is not only a major headache but can also necessitate costly repairs; not to mention the fact that cesspool overflows and backups can expose you and your family to hazardous conditions, as sewage is loaded with all types of harmful bacteria and toxins.

In addition to overflows and backups, cesspools can experience wear and tear. The buildup of debris can eat away at the tank and weaken its structural integrity. Shifting soil and tree root intrusion can also damage a cesspool. These issues lead to cracks in the tank, can damage the pipes, and can ultimately cause the complete failure of your Oakdale, NY home’s wastewater collection system.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can avoid catastrophe and keep the above-mentioned issues at-bay. How? – By investing in regular cesspool services. When you hire a reputable company to maintain, clean, and inspect your cesspool on a regular basis, you’ll be able to avoid potential issues that could become serious, dangerous, and costly problems.

What to Expect During a Routine Cesspool Service

When you hire a reliable and certified company to perform your regular cesspool service, you can expect a number of things to happen. A state-of-the-art vacuum truck will be used to pump the wastewater from the tank. Once the water is removed, advanced tools will be used to clean the tank and remove the sludge that has accumulated on the walls and floor. Once your tank is pumped and cleaned, a reputable Suffolk County cesspool service will perform a comprehensive inspection. Cutting-edge technologies, such as cameras, will be used to inspect the tank and check for signs of damage, such as cracks and clogs. If any issues are detected, the technicians will let you know and will recommend and can make the necessary repairs.

As per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a cesspool should be serviced every three to five years. The more wastewater your Oakdale, NY home produces, the more frequently you should schedule a pumping, cleaning, and inspection.

For Premium-Quality, Efficient, and Affordable Cesspool Services in Suffolk County, Look No Further Than AAA Dependable Cesspool Sewer and Drain

When you search for “cesspool pumping near me” or “cesspool service near me”, you may be able to find a lot of different companies, but you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. For the most reliable, affordable, and efficient cesspool services possible, contact a fully licensed, insured, and A+ rated Better Business Bureau Oakdale, NY company: AAA Dependable Cesspool Sewer and Drain!
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Over 325+ 5 Star Reviews!

Five star service ....this company was so professional, friendly, on time service the same day I called them. Melissa was so friendly and my service guy, Jeff was so efficient, knew exactly what the problem was and explained everything to me. Same day service, cleanup was perfect and the job executed so well, it should get more than a five star rating. Did I mention the price was very reasonable.. Highly recommend this company and ask for Jeff, you won't be disappointed!
Rick O

Highly recommend!
Redondo P

Excellent service, reasonable price. Will definitely recommend and use Jeff and his company again!
Margie M

The service person was prompt, courteous & professional and resolved my septic tank issue within an hour. I would recommend AAA Dependable to anyone needing septic tank service on Long Island.
Thomas G

Jeff was prompt, honest and patient. Very positive experience!
Rich S

AAA was out of the gate before anyone else --- called me promptly and sent someone out to service my cesspool backup first thing in the morning--before any of the other recommended companies on Angi even called to schedule an appointment. Jeff showed up and quickly diagnosed my problem and solved it within 45 minutes. He knows his stuff and is willing to explain the situation clearly to us septic system civilians. Bravo to AAA and Bravo to Jeff!
Mark F

Jeff determined the problem right away where a number of other cesspool companies did not. It’s a backup problem we have had for years and AAA fixed it in a few hours. They also have great equipment that others do not which allowed them to get in the backyard without damage.
Allen B

Jeff came out to our house to do a routine maintenance of our tank, was extremely knowledgeable and determined we didn't need to service at this time and was very honest with this. Didn't try to take our money when we didn't need the job done. Will most definitely hire again when the time comes! 10/10
Megan D

Jeff was extremely knowledgeable, explained everything to me, and was honest about what needed and didn't need to be done. Very trustworthy. I would absolutely hire him again. Highest recommendation.
Eric G

Jeff thank you so much for saving my home! I look forward to working with you in all of my future septic needs. So professional went above and beyond. Ask for Jeff he is the best!
K Grizz

Jeff was early, knowledgeable and patient, VERY PATIENT. I didn't know where the tank was, he found it within minutes; My tank cover was stuck and he workjed it relentlessly until it gave...thankfully because another week or so and it would've backed up! Price are COMPETITIVE very reasonable...I highly recommend this company
Christina T.

Chris was great! We had 2 plumbers from another company come the day before, neither of them were able to fix it and recommended cutting into the wall and replacing all of the plumbing a $2000 job!! I call AAA for a second opinion and Chris was able to fix the issue simply and in half the time.
Lauren C.

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